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Designed to do good.

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Streamlining Vaccination Protocols

Complexities in vaccine program management drive costs that contribute to rendering vaccinations financially inaccessible to millions of people in the U.S. today. We designed VEMR to help address this.

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Made to interface with existing EMRs.

VEMR is a patented modular EMR software, specific to vaccination records, that simplifies and automates the complexities of managing vaccine inventories, documentation, and otherwise necessary overhead.

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Admin Accuracy

Seamlessly interface with existing EMR systems to enhance provider workflows and limit variables that can lead to costly errors.

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Admin Efficiency

Reduce nursing staff hours spent on preparing vaccines for patients, ordering new vaccines, and entering vaccine information into EMR systems.

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Inventory Tracking

Enable accuracy and highest possible patient safty standards with enhanced barcode tracking.

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Vaccine records at your patients' fingertips.

VEMR will integrate with state vaccine registries, enabling patients to have immediate access to their vaccine records beginning from childhood.

VEMR helps you.

Increase your office’s productivity.

Limit supply losses.

Reduce vaccine program costs.

Establish accurate records.

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Dr. Michael Garver, VEMR Founder, Photo

VEMR Founder and Practicing Board Certified Pediatrician,

Dr. Michael Garver

"My practice is a place where challenges are met with inspiration and innovation. Among our goals: Help make vaccinations accessible to everyone."

VEMR Vice President,

Angel Adams.

“VEMR provides an incredible opportunity to impact the health of children while also providing clinics with an effective vaccine management tool. I am excited to be part of this company. Contact me to learn more.

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